For the past 39 years, we have been providing services in the field of urology for various conditions like renal, ureteric and bladder calculi, enlarged prostate, urological malignancies etc. We believe in extensive counselling before any surgical procedure is done.  The hospital has a well-equipped operation theatre for all endo urology procedures. We provide non-invasive shock wave lithotripsy for renal and ureteric calculi which uses a State-of-the-Art Dornier lithotripter.  Ultrasound assisted procedures are also done from time to time.


We have experienced and qualified gynaecologists which gives a complete Urogynaecology care to all our patients.


OPD for general surgery and surgical gastroenterology from Monday to Friday. Services include laparoscopy. We have a team of GI surgeons attached to our hospital.  OPD consultant – Dr C H Kale.


Dr Archana Vaidya, skin specialist.


We have recently introduced a dedicated Psychiatry OPD on certain week days. Consultant Pychiatrist – Dr Rucha Joshi.


Dr Rupali Bhoye, Consultant Diabetologist, for OPD and IPD patients.


X ray and ultrasound/ colour doppler tests. For the past 12 years, we have been providing diagnostic ultrasound services.  Ultrasound guided diagnostic procedures like FNAC, Biopsy and therapeutic fluid aspirations are routinely performed.  We have introduced state of the art ultrasound system “LOGIC S8” from GE healthcare.  Shear wave elastography and contrast ultrasound is also done.

Dhanvantari diagnostics/ Bapat Urology Centre, has been successfully running its ultrasound services for the past 13 years. Our Consultant Radiologist Dr Mrudula Bapat has been instrumental in delivering the service right since its inception in 2007. She completed her Diplomat of National Boards, DNB in Radiodiagnosis in 2006. She has worked as an associate consultant in ultrasound with Fortis Hospitals till 2010. She has presented award winning papers in national conferences.

We cater not only to our admitted patients but also to a vast majority of outdoor patients including paediatric ultrasound.  We offer all ultrasounds and colour dopplers.

All our scans are done on LOGIC S 8 and LOGIC P5, which are state of the art ultrasound systems from GE Healthcare. Logic S 8 supports contrast ultrasound and elastography.  The machine is equipped with high resolution transducers.

All ultrasound guided procedures except fetal procedures are done at our centre. We regularly undertake ultrasound guided biopsies/ drainage/ FNAC etc.

We believe in fast dispatch of reports.

We are committed to quality in Ultrasound Imaging.


Bapat Urology Centre was established by Dr Ashok Narayan Bapat in the year 1980. The hospital provided superspeciality care to patients in the field of Urology. He was instrumental in introducing advanced endourology in Thane. The same legacy is carried forward by his son, Dr Abhijit, who is also a consultant Urologist and Urooncologist.

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